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I have just finished studying Entertainment Design Crafts at Cleveland College of Art and Design where I specialised in the design and creation of props and set for film, TV and theatre.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Small Scale Frankenstein's Monster

I thought it would be good for me to create a small scale version of what I want the full size model to turn out like. This way, I know where to place the open areas in a place where they look realistic and where I might add extra stitches (although they could be anywhere!) To do this, I used Sculpey and built over the top of an action figure. Here it is:

Ok, so I very much hope my life size monster turns out a lot better than this (and he will) but for what I needed this for, it works a treat. I now know what areas look good exposed and how to position them on his body so they look more realistic, where to put the stitches and perhaps the bandages. This is going to prove very useful to me.

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