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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Putting The Armature ('Skeleton') Together...

At the minute, I have a load of strips of wood, metal and aluminium wire that needs putting together! I decided it would be easier to put him together in parts so I did his legs and hips then his arms and chest then his spine and neck. It was then all clamped to a stand and secured to a wooden plank. Once he was stood up like that, it was clear for me to see that his chest was far too narrow (his arms also looked a little short but I knew this was just because they were bent and he doesn't have any hands at the minute) so I created a larger piece of metal for the chest. It took a long time to get the position right mostly due to the fact that he couldn't support his own weight and the hips and shoulders kept moving because of the circular holes inside wood/aluminium joints. So, he had to be done in sections. The legs were welded in place first and then the spine. The arms were not welded in place for a little while after this because I needed to get their position correct and for that I needed a head.

I attached the hips and chest to the spine with a wingnut after holes had been drilled in the centre of each rod. This was so I could potentially take him apart to work on him but at this stage it was starting to look less and less likely that that would be something I could actually do because of how fragile he is. This took a long time (around a week from start to finish) to get from all the rods and strips of wood to him being able to stand up. It was very important to get his stance right and try to imagine it as a skeleton to get the position right. For this, I took a series of photographs of people standing in this position so that I could get a sense of where the skeleton would go.

So there it is! Frankenstein's Monster's skeleton.

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