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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Creating His Body...

Now I had the mammoth task of actually creating his body! I found the quickest (in theory) easiest and cheapest way to create his body would be out of polystyrene. This would also make him quite lightweight which would make him easier to carry and transport. I had to try and remember that everything I would sculpt would have to be less than what I wanted the finished product to look like. I had a go with the top of his leg; I grabbed a scrap bit of polystyrene and cut it in half, I then hollowed out a small trough on either side to allow for the space of the metal armature. Once I had done this, I used expanding foam to stick the polystyrene together (using clamps to keep the two sides together until it had set) and started to carve it back:

It seemed to work pretty well so I started to build up the rest of the body:

Now I had covered the entire skeleton in polystyrene (apart from the neck and the head obviously) I could start carving it back and creating more of a defined shape:

I then started to add a little more detail in; taking away areas which were going to be left open:

I hollowed out a hole inside his head positioned his head on top of his body so that I could try and keep the body in proportion (I had the head wrapped in cling film to try and keep it as clean and free from dust as possible):

I started to add wadding to act as a muscle layer, mod-roc to act as bone and muscle texture to act as a background for the open areas. I decided that I would cover his neck with the same muscle texture this way, his neck and chest would blend in to one (at this point, I had also given him fake eyes):

Now I was happy with the open areas, I could start to create the skin. To do this, I cut up a few pairs of tights and stuck them to the wadding using Copydex and painted them the skin colour I had chosen. I had also decided by this point to add a needle in to his hand to show he was still in the stages of creation; to almost create the illusion Frankenstein had just momentarily stepped outside:

I also started to add a few more colours on to the muscle layers:

And that was it for now, I would return later to add the extra detail on him and build the set for my Degree show but this was how he stood for my deadline and I was pretty happy with him (because the legs weren't completely finished, I covered them with bandages and added some blood):

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