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I have just finished studying Entertainment Design Crafts at Cleveland College of Art and Design where I specialised in the design and creation of props and set for film, TV and theatre.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Selected Work From First Year

In my first year of University I studied props, set and costume. Here, I have selected a few pieces of work from my first year that I enjoyed designing and creating.
Rocky Horror Set:
I designed the set so the actor that was playing the main role would be introduced on stage behind an image of himself dressed in full costume. The image would then rotate to reveal the actor sitting on the sofa in the same position as on the photograph. I also decided to take a few well known paintings and distort them to fit in with their surreal surroundings and personalities.
Plague Doctor Mask:
For one of my costume projects I thought it might be quite interesting to create a mask rather than a skirt or a shirt. So, after a bit of research I found the mask that I wanted to re-create which was that of a Plague Doctor. I think it worked out quite well especially from working on a tight budget.

In props, one of our assignments was to create a surreal creature that was to play an instrument in an orchestra. I combined a jellyfish body with the back of a ladybird and the eyes of a tree frog. The piano it is playing has insect legs and owl feet. The design on the piano was inspired from the segmented patterns found on some insects and most reptiles. I tried to keep this quite simple in terms of its creation.

Hounds and Jackals:
Here, I replicated an ancient Egyptian game which is now known as Hounds and Jackals. It had to be safe and easy enough to understand as children were the target audience.

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